SB 302

SB 303

SB 304

SR # Art # Size( inch) Size( cm) Weight(kg) Packing
1 SB-301 0.75x4x8 2x10x20 0.9 30 pcs
2 SB-302 1x4x8 2.5x10x20cm 1.2 24 pcs
3 SB-303 1x5x10 2.5x12.5x25cm 1.9 12 pcs
4 SB-304 2x4x8 5x10x20cm 2.3 12 pcs


On Demand:

  • Any design & size can be produced
  • Private labels/brands can be placed


A salt brick is a piece of Himalayan salt crystal polished to the shape of a brick. Its effect is similar to that of the salt lamp.

A salt brick may be placed in front of a wick, lamp or any other source of light. The salt becomes warm and irradiates a pleasant light thus providing ionizing and colour therapy effects at the same time. A brick may be placed on top of the radiator or heater or clay stove when the heating season begins. This way you have to sacrifice the pleasant sensation of light but the brick nevertheless fulfils its purpose. Salt bricks may be used for construction purposes as well: building a wall in front of a radiator, covering stairs, floor tiling, covering certain wall surfaces, building room separation, or even a whole salt room or salt cave.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of salt bricks because Healthy Salt International offers the supreme quality salt bricks for wall. Experience the perquisites of Himalayan salt walls with us!